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Originally Posted by nettepoet

oh, good to hear a personal recommendation from someone! i used dina and linda last time. i loved the prenatal care i received but during my labor/birth dina and i clashed a lot. she first didnt believe i was in labor (hello- i had already been through it!) and was about to leave my house in a huff when linda said it wouldnt hurt to check me and found i was 7 cm. the thing is her energy and attitude actually made my contractions disappear for an hour when she arrived. even after that she had this tough love kind of stance and since i didnt progress quickly or on her timetable (my son was malpositioned), i felt nervous energy from her the entire time. it made me sad bc my first natural hospital birth i had gotten bad attitudes from the nurses and really hoped to be supported in my own home. to be fair to her, she had been up allllll night with a mama who bled right before i went into labor, i know im crabby when i dont sleep. but no hard feelings for her, she is a wonderful person who was probably having a bad day. i just wouldnt use her again.

so, yepp im with *************** this time around and trying to decide if i want to deliver at home again or not. this is my 3rd kiddo and i have huge spaces between them- DD will be 14, DS will be 6, and ill have a newborn baby girl...ahhhh! im a sucker for starting over it seems.
They are AMAZING!! I def recommend a hb with them. They delivered my BFF's baby after 24 + hours on thanksgiving and not a MOMENT of "timetable" issues. Her husband made a thanksgiving feast during the labor(it was centering for him, he suffered from anxiety) and we all ate an amazing meal and she pushed out a sunny side up 9 lber! Her first! It was amazing!

My labors are like a blip all 4 combined was about 6.5 hours! But I've witnessed them in all their glory with my friend so I can honestly say you will be well taken care of!
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