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Re: BumGenius Bamboo, TotsBots Bambozzles, sbish, goodmama

Mirandavt....if it helps, my DD wears the size one old style Bamboozles (meaning these, not the new Bamboozle stretch dipes) at night here all the time. I want to say that the size was supposed to go to 18lbs...but she is almost 15lbs at 4mo old, and still wearing them with the tabs snapped so that they're touching in the middle. Not overlapped...but she still has quite a ways to go before she grows out of them.

She is very long in the torso...84% for height...and tends to outgrow EVERYTHING in that direction before she outgrows things via her girth. But in the Bamboozles, she has quite a way to go in them that direction, too.

Sorry to butt in! Hope I helped!

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