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Re: SO frustrated!!!

Originally Posted by strongwoman View Post
I would ditch the diapers altogether. He KNOWS how to use the potty, he's just choosing not to. Go nakies for a couple of days, increase his fluids (not a crazy amount), rush him to the potty when he starts peeing. Are you watching him like a hawk when you know he needs to go pee? If you sense that "it's time", TELL him it's time to go potty. If he's playing with a toy, tell him to bring the toy or talk to the toy and say "DS needs to go potty, we'll be right back" or something similar. Sometimes taking away the toy if he resists going potty helps. Sounds like your guy is close- keep at it mama!
I agree. I swear by Oh Crap Potty Training, which calls for naked time. I rolled up my rug for three weeks when we started! The first three-four days we had a lot of pee everywhere, but then it was just an accident here and there.
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