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Re: Think I have shingles, bfing 5 month old.

I had shingles while nursing a 6 mo. Definitely keep nursing. My DD came into contact with the rash before I knew what it was. At first I thought I had had a reaction to something like detergent or something since I have super sensitive skin. I had a very mild case but DD never got chicken pox so I guess the antibodies worked. I went to the doctor to have it formally diagnosed. She prescribed acyclovir to decrease the severity/length of the rash. Keep it covered, though, to minimize baby's contact. And try not to scratch. Mine was on my belly, about midway between my breasts and belly button, on the right side. I used one of those belly bands from pregnancy to keep my trunk covered.

I think I covered everything. LMK if you have any other questions!
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