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Originally Posted by Tris

That's ok, you don't have to. I do. I couldn't imagine my parents disciplining me in that manner, they made an effort to be fair, which I appreciated then and now. If I messed up, the punishment matched the crime. 3 full punishments for 1 relatively harmless crime is harsh to me.
Kids lie. Teaching them when its ok, and when it isn't is my job. He should not have forged the initials. But why didn't OP ask her son where his workbook was? Open communication on the topic could've stopped this before it even happened. Has he ever been told he can't sign her initials? Does he know why its a big deal? All you are teaching him by punishing him for a rule yet unmade is that its unfair. He isn't going to learn that he did something wrong because you never made the rule.
For those of you talking about badges, was it explained when you were hired what the protocol was if you left your badge? Or did you just show up without it one day and then get disciplined for it. The first offense in almost everything even in grown-up land is a warning or a light consequence. There is a reason for that. I don't want to argue though, it gets me all cranky and I like DS to be my happy place
I'm wasn't going to ask but I am really curious.
What would be an example of when you would say it is ok to lie?

Not being nasty or anything. Just truly curious.
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