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Re: I HAVE 5 GIRLS AND THE 6TH ONE IS...........drum roll

Originally Posted by NotLad View Post

Funny story to make feel better.... Friend of mine had four girls and her husband begged her to have one more just to see if they would have a boy. This went on for a year until she gave in.

So she's pregnant ....

Surprise! It's spontaneous triplets!

Surprise again! All three are girls
If this were on a TV show I would accuse it of jumping the shark. Crazy! My friend wanted 3 kids and her husband wanted just two, so he kept saying that after she gets pregnant with #2 he would go get snipped. She ended up getting pregnant with twins. Guess you can't stop a determined woman!

And the way you get to 3% is assuming that every time you get pregnant there is a 50/50 chance for either sex, like a coin toss. But I don't think that's necessarily the case, since some men produce more of one kind of sperm than another, and the woman's body can influence which sperm make it to fertilize the egg. So I'm with a PP who said you might be more likely to have more of a certain sex if you already have many, because it might indicate biological factors helping to select for that sex. KWIM?

Congratulations on another beautiful daughter OP!
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