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Re: Big Mama's February Support Thread

Originally Posted by B's Mommy View Post
I think my body needs to go paleo...I don't want to...but I think I'm supposed to. It sucks.

It's like the gluten thing...I knew for a while it wasn't working for me...I just didn't wanna give it up...well now I know that I'm reacting to dairy...then dh sends me some stupid link about eating for your body type, and of COURSE, I'm freaking O blood type, and it goes on to say that my blood type is the oldest of the blood types, the digestive tracts of the O blood type has "memories" of ancient times yadda yadda, and I should be eating what my ancestors did, no legumes, no dairy, no beans, no breads, no grains. UGH....the crappy thing? I know it's right, whether or not there is real science behind it...I've had the nagging feeling for so long now...but I just don't wanna. =( I like my cottage cheese and string cheese and trail mix with the delicious (naughty) chocolate chips and M&Ms in it! Anyways, I'm just going to sit in the floor with my arms hugging my knees like my toddler does and pout about this for a while...maybe if I don't get off this plateau I'll eventually try it. But I don't wanna!
If you are planning on eating Paleo, I suggest reading at Mark's Daily Apple. According to his research, there is nothing wrong with limited, full-fat dairy (raw or organic if you can get it), as long as your body can handle it well. Go a few weeks without, feel the full benefits of Paleo and then reintroduce it. I felt like crap, but I continued to put cream in my coffee

You will feel so much better. Everyone I know who has gone paleo for more than two weeks feels better than they did before. You have to get through that lower-carb fog. It took me almost 3 weeks, but afterward, I felt amazing. Whenever DH eats wheat now, he says he feels like someone clubbed him and his heart starts racing, but it was something he didn't notice a year ago. He's also lost almost 100lb. I am a huge Paleo supporter, if you couldn't tell

AFM- I am starting to get back on track. I have gained 9lb at the 16wk mark. I am up to 219. I was 225 yesterday, but I was up every hour to go to the bathroom last night and it must have all been water. I was hoping to not gain anything for a while, but I think my high-carb wheat and sugar filled diet is messing with that I have been able to eat bits of meat the past few days, so I am hoping that my aversion is subsiding a bit and I can get back on track with eating Primal.
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