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Night diaper for otherwise PT'd 3 year old - Update

UPDATE: DS has now been dry all night every night for a week now. I guess it was just a phase. Now for the next challenge - getting him to use the toilet instead of the potty.

DS, who will be 3 next week, has been completely day trained for about 3 months now, and not at all night trained. He sleeps so deeply at night that he just doesn't wake up until he is completely soaked. I have no problems with keeping him in diapers at night, but can't find a diaper to contain his massive night pees.

We've tried pampers cruisers in both size 6 and 7, huggies overnights, pull ups, easy ups, MotherEase Toddlease fitteds with 2 flip organics inside and nothing works. He holds it for a long time and then pees like a firehose. The diapers are always saturated, but it also seems like he's peeing out the top of them (though there's not much I can do about that.)

I've had to change his bed and him every night at 1:00am for the last 6 weeks and it's getting really old. We restrict fluids after dinner and he always goes right before bed. What else can I do? I need my uninterrupted sleep and so does he.

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