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Re: Extended nursers, and Night time

my son is 16 months and sometimes nurses more than that, or not at all, it totally depends on him. sometimes he will nurse for about 6 hours of our "night"time!! im surprised i havent gotten more of 'whybhavent you stopped bfing' soort of stuff since people are asking me how old he is a lot, and i know my grandma thinks im beyond weird, and asks me if he still is with this kinda disgusted voice when i talk to do some other people. anyway, as far as at night, mine literally slept through the night, totally once every few days from a few days old on, and he doesnt actually wake up now unless my boobs not readily available, and even then he really normally just roots a bit and then hes got it and totally back to sleep, so its not a huge hes not sleeping through type deal, kwim??

what are you asking exactly? that you hope theres other people, or just support about it period?
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