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Re: Nebulizer Help!

I'm a Respiratory Therapist at a local hospital (and have been for the last 10 yrs). We NEVER give saline in the nebulizer. Saline could actually cause bronchospasms in the airways.

I didn't see Pulmicort/Budesonide mentioned by the OP (unless I missed it?) but that medication is a steroid/maintenance med that should be used, typically, 2x/day to maintain the airways and prevent any inflammation. Think of it as taking a blood pressure medication daily to keep your BP in check. We do the same thing for the airways in children who have RAD (reactive airway disease).

Albuterol is typically a "rescue" medication. It's used when the child has break through symptoms, like wheezing, to help relieve symptoms.

My DD has RAD and she uses her inhaler (used to be a neb when she was smaller) as needed. In the winter her RAD is triggered by the cold weather. It causes her to cough incessantly, to the point where she vomits. Using her maintenance meds helps, but sometimes we routinely use the Albuterol inhaler as well. In the spring, her RAD is triggered by seasonal allergies.
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