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Re: Preemie Formula questions

My preemie who is now almost 6 was on my bm as well as neosure so it was mixed for a higher calorie content .. and at 2 months old he was broke out from head to toe in a rash .. it was ezema(sp) due to milk and soy allergy ... we only found this out after the dr done a stool sample and found blood in his stool .. he also had mucusy(sp) bms (the acid and allergy would cause his butt to blister and bleed) . We stayed at the childrens hospital 17 days - 10 of those days was spent with him on iv's clearing the formula and bm from his system .. by the end of 10 days his rash was gone . They started him on Elecare which is kinda like Neocate (amino acid free - no milk and no soy) and i had to mix it a certain way to make sure it was a higher calorie .. im thinking like to 24 or 26 cal ... so it can be done .. I would get your friend to ask to see a G.I. dr and i also agree with the pp above about Calmoseptine its what the G.I. dr prescribed my son .. sorry for all the typos .. bfing as i type !
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