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Originally Posted by bwsmommy
My preemie who is now almost 6 was on my bm as well as neosure so it was mixed for a higher calorie content .. and at 2 months old he was broke out from head to toe in a rash .. it was ezema(sp) due to milk and soy allergy ... we only found this out after the dr done a stool sample and found blood in his stool .. he also had mucusy(sp) bms (the acid and allergy would cause his butt to blister and bleed) . We stayed at the childrens hospital 17 days - 10 of those days was spent with him on iv's clearing the formula and bm from his system .. by the end of 10 days his rash was gone . They started him on Elecare which is kinda like Neocate (amino acid free - no milk and no soy) and i had to mix it a certain way to make sure it was a higher calorie .. im thinking like to 24 or 26 cal ... so it can be done .. I would get your friend to ask to see a G.I. dr and i also agree with the pp above about Calmoseptine its what the G.I. dr prescribed my son .. sorry for all the typos .. bfing as i type !
I agree with this. You can make other formulas higher calorie count. My son is on PurAmino and we mix it to 24 calories/ounce. The probiotics should help too. She will need to advocate for this little one and push to find something to help him. Some drs just write off problems that can be fixed! If she wants to come join DS, there is a great adoption/foster care subforum on here and we would love to support her in this journey.
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