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Re: LONG....newborn and 2.5 year old daycare question

I don't know where you live, but in 12 weeks, it will be spring. (summer in arizona)

Anyway, so he shouldn't be exposed to many things between now and next fall.

If your son was born in the fall, fall babies tend to get sick a lot more than spring/summer babies, and it's a long time before they outgrow it. They seem to get sick a lot the first three or four years.

If your son is getting sick, but nobody else in your home is catching it from him, it could be allergies that turn into a secondary infection. Getting a handle on his allergies (a LOT easier said than done) can help.

My daughter was both a fall baby (sept) and had really bad allergies. Unfortunately she is allergic to the entire state of Arizona, AND loved to play outside. So, she was sick constantly...but, nobody else ever caught what she had. She was sick from August to December, then again from March to May. We tried different allergy meds, and nothing seemed to help.

MOST kids outgrow this always sick thing by four years of age.

If you love his school, i'd keep him in it for now, and hope that when he returns after your maternity leave, all the germies are gone for the spring and summer.
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