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I should also mention that other than lunch meat, my kids won't eat meat plain. In fact, it's even a hit or miss when it's not plain. I have found when it comes to dinner, which we almost always make in the crock pot, they will just pick the veggies out to eat if we don't put cheese on it. They also don't like rice much, although they are getting better about eating it since we have it with dinner almost every night. I was thinking about trying cinnamon rice, but haven't yet.

My husband takes most of our leftovers to work, which I'm fine with. Half the time the kids won't eat them anyway, so that way they get eaten.

I am trying to get away from pasta heavy meals, rice pasta is so expensive. :/ I do like most of the ideas, though. And I'll take the bread recipe, I was mostly thinking that with how little time I have it would be easier to wait until I have a bread maker so I can just dump everything in and push a button.
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