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Re: Night diaper for otherwise PT'd 3 year old

Originally Posted by WinterBaby View Post
Have you tried taking him to pee before you go to bed (assuming he goes to bed earlier than you do)? My 7-year old son is a really heavy sleeper and we still take him to pee before we go to bed. We've been doing that with our 2 year old daughter too who is recently day potty trained but not night trained. With my son, even though he doesn't drink much at night and pees right before bed, he has a huge pee when we take him at 10:30 or so.
I think I'll try this again. He sleeps so deeply though that it is really hard to wake him up. I can pick him up and put him on the potty, but he'll just flop over Even when he wakes up soaked, he's just awake long enough to call for me, then sleeps while I change his PJs.
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