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Re: Think I have shingles, bfing 5 month old.

Originally Posted by KLeeCW View Post
I have this rash on my stomach and I'm fairly certain it's shingles. It started a few days ago with a couple dots, then the next day a few more, and then yesterday I noticed it was about 14 dots in a concentrated area. DH had shingles a couple years back and it looks very similar. This morning there are 18 dots and it's incredibly itchy. I can't go to urgent care until DH gets off work at 8pm.

I know I should keep bfing so DD can get the antibodies, but I'm wondering what else to do. It's high enough on my stomach that DD could come in contact with it when she's nursing, so I'm trying to keep it covered since I know that is where it is mostly contagious. Has anyone had shingles while bfing? Is there anything to take for it or does it just runs its course? Did your child catch chicken pox?

there are no antibodies for Shingles, my hubby was just diagnosed a few days ago. It goes away on its own. I would get checked. If your baby is up to date on immunizations, then she will be fine. No transfer.
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