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Re: How long does it take for your milk to re-regulate

Hi there. I'm experiencing the same thing as you with my 3 month old (Nov 13). His poop recently got darker, I thought it was because we sometimes supplement with formula (I've had a breast reduction and reconstruction so it's a miracle that I'm breast feeding 95% of the time). But on days when he doesn't need a formula top up his poop is still the darker color. Then I thought about my diet...I've been eating a lot more veggies lately, and have added avocado to my diet . Seems to me what goes in, must come out! Anyone else notice this correlation as well? Also, he's nursing a lot more frequently this week, is fighting sleeps ans naps and is having a lot of "hand snacks" my husband is afraid he's not getting enough to eat and I doubt myself sometimes too but I'm hoping this is just a phase (along with tr green poop!). pS sorry for all the typos, I'm on iPhone and baby is asleep on my lap after a rough night.y leg is asleep too. Lol)

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