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Re: THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!

Brand new ME user here! The three lg Sandys I got from FSOT arrived on Friday, I prepped them and put them on yesterday. I love the fit. They are super bulky but they look so comfy on my LO (who is just over 20lbs).

I used them coverless yesterday (because I'm still trying to figure out what covers I want) and my baby's skin was perfect at every change. I've have 15 BG 4.0s and he does pretty well in those, but is definitely a little more red at diaper changes.

The BG 4.0s may become my diaper bag, daddy, and first morning poop diapers (the BG 4.0s are so easy to clean poop out of!) I may even sell a few of the 4.0s once I figure out the covers for the Sandys...

I'm not sure what I'm going to put over them for clothes though... does anyone use Sandy's during the day. Will I be able to fit 18 - 24 mo. rompers over these in the summer... (I live in a warm climate so it will be warm here soon!) I don't think I will be able to fit pants over them (which is fine because I really prefer one piece outfits for the first couple years...) Or maybe I should invest in some cute covers and let him run around town in just t-shirts

I'm seriously considering looking for a Sm Sandys lot on FSOT to use for a while - do you think I would be able to use them for a while? Will there be a substantial difference in bulk? My guy is average all around... not skinny and not chunky.
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