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Re: Need some info on circing

Originally Posted by abunchoflemons View Post
if protected intercourse it takes more to use condoms for uncir. my cousin had horrible issues and my bro did so that was a factor too for me for uncir..
That isn't true at all. Condoms work the same regardless of the state of the penis.

Originally Posted by MyLovely View Post
Just wanted to point out that I am a very staunch intactivist, I just feel that sweeping the research under the rug doesn't make us look very good. I haven't looked in depth at the African studies, because they in no way translate to the western world. The risk of UTI is lower, but as we all know, it's absolutely no big deal to take some antibiotics. As for penile cancer, I pointed out that the risk is already so very small, the risk of severe complications from circumcising are undoubtedly higher.

All in all, this is the sort of issue where you have to hunt to find evidence to support it, and the "pros" aren't really all that applicable in the first world, where condoms abound, we have great healthcare and access to showers.
Africa does have showers and such. The study actually translates world wide. We don't live in mud huts here.
Banned for 6 months for ignoring repeated request to be polite/respectful.
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