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Ooh I love these threads I will definitely post action shots when DD wakes up. I used to love both the MEOS and Sandys. I had a rainbow, but DD had a growth spurt and the MEOS started fitting funny so I sold them The MEOS are perfect for night. They are shaped so that you can stuff any amount of doublers in there and still have no gaping.

I just absolutely love my Sandys though! They are perfect for us. I love the colors and the sidesnaps. I have the cotton terry and they wash up well and dry about as fast as a pf. DD sits on the potty a few times a day and these are easy to pull up and down.

I also love my MEAF. That thing was kind of ugly lol, but it NEVER LEAKED and was actually breathable. I loved how it perfectly fit around my sandys. I sold it though because DD outgrew it, but I'm thinking about getting more in a larger size.

***Anyone go through PL with the Sandys and MEAF? Is it easy for your LO to pull up and down or is it too much with a fitted+cover? Right now is use wool and fleece pants which work great, but I kind of want an escuse to buy more covers
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