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DD is still sleeping, but I found these old pics in Photobucket so I figured I'd share I know I love action shots! I can't remember how old she was, but I think she was around 18 lbs or so in these pics. Let me know if there's a way to find dates when you uploaded pics in PB because it's bothering me lol.

Here's the medium MEAF over a small Sandy. Notice the gap where the "air flows." I absolutely loved how the MEAF fit so well over the Sandy, yet smooshed down nicely under clothes:

This show the size difference between the small and large sandys, I just wish I could remember how old she was in the pics so I could tell yall the weight. I know there's lots of threads asking about either getting small or larges so this would be a good reference, EXCEPT I don't remember when these were taken.
Small Sandys, fit great here:

Large Sandys. Fit and there were no leaks, but definitely too bulky for clothes or going out. (These fit perfectly now and she outgrew the smalls. Shows how old these pics are)

And just for fun, this shows the fit of the MEOS folded down vs. not
Folded, nice and trim under pants:

Not folded down:

Saggy bum lol

Sorry for the pic overload!! As you can tell I really love these dipes.
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