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Re: Night diaper for otherwise PT'd 3 year old

Originally Posted by BigSamsMom View Post
Try the Pampers "Extra Protection", that worked better for us than Huggies Overnights. You could also try putting a pull on type waterproof pant ( over his diaper for extra protection. Make sure his "pee-pee" is pointed down when you put his night diaper on, if you feel he is peeing out the top of the diapers. Get some waterproof flannel crib pads ( to put on top of his sheets, this way if you still have leaks, you are only changing the pad in the wee hours, instead of a whole set of sheets. On the cloth side, maybe try the Toddle-Ease in Bamboo, rather than cotton, and some Zorb doublers, rather than the Flips.
We found the pampers "extra protection" were a flop and actually preferred Huggies. He's a bit of a string bean though and both are way too lose around his legs and way too short in the rise. The crib pads are a great idea, though, and I'm off to get some this afternoon.

We do make sure he's pointing down when we put the diaper on, but it's always pointing straight up whenever he wakes up and, combined with a diaper that's too low in the rise, that's a recipe for a wet bed. I don't think there's much we can do about that though

At this point, I don't really want to pay for any more cloth diapers unless I have to, since it's a pain to wash them when we only use one a day; I hate washing them with our clothes and my washing machine won't balance with only one or two diapers in it.
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