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Re: Night diaper for otherwise PT'd 3 year old

Originally Posted by WinterBaby View Post
We don't actually wake DS and he doesn't remember the potty trip the next day. We lift him out of bed, carry him to the bathroom, pull down his PJs, put him on the toilet supporting his torso so he doesn't flop over, point his penis down, and he goes. It's getting harder since he weighs about 48 pounds now!
I tried that last night, but gave up when he was limp like spaghetti. I tried to wake him up around 1:00 and he just mumbled 'no pee' and rolled over. How do you get him to actually pee while on the toilet asleep. DS is only 34lbs right now, so it's probably manageable if I can make him pee. Of course, he woke up around six completely soaked.
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