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We used Imse Vimse training pants and told him at bed time, we would come and get him at night when it was time to pee and he would pee in the toilet so he didn't have to wet the bed. We carried him to the toilet, pulled his pants down sat him on the cold seat, which is usually what wakes us all up. We did have to hold him up most nights.We'd wait and minute,if needed, remind him to pee so we don't have an accident. U could run the water if that works for ur child. If he was peeing in bed for a couple of nights in a row, I tell him he has to we're a diaper til his body learns better. He got to were he hated diapers and had less accidents. He now (6.5) changes his own clothes and comes and crawls into bed with us but id say that as long as he pees right before bed and doesn't drink water after brushing he only has accidents once every 2 months. There is a light at the end of this very hard time. I remember leaning against the wall, wondering if he would be the only grauate to still pee his bed. .'just keep swimming, just keep swimming...'

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