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Originally Posted by DesertRat

Honestly, we haven't really tried anything. I suggested not drinking water before bedtime but we haven't been consistent with that. And the couple times we tried to wake him up to go to the bathroom he just won't wake up. Because of the way he pees automatically anytime he falls asleep, I've assumed it's mostly out of his control. I haven't wanted to discourage him by setting him up to fail. But maybe that's been the wrong approach.
I don't think it is the wrong approach at all. We don't want our children to fail, especially at something they honestly cannot do. When we tried the calendar with my dd she was occasionally staying dry so I knew she would be able to get at the very least 7 dry nights out of 30.
I myself was a bed wetter and can remember being in my teens and still having the occasional accident. It was horrible but honestly there was nothing I could do about it.
I think it sounds like the only thing you can do right now is make sure he is using the toilet right before bedtime and then try waking him in an hour or two. Our doctor suggested waking after an hour, when they started staying dry after that hour, wake them after 2 hours and so on.
Good Luck I know how frustrating it is from both sides
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