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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 17th - 23rd

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post

I really don't understand the need to name baby before leaving, or even within the first week? Here, you have as much time as you need/want. Actually, many inuit babies aren't named for months... could be even after their first year (tradition, babies didn't always live that long ). The only thing is that for the first 60 days (I think?) things are free to file for (you have to pay for the actual birth certificate, but the filing of everything is free) and after that time you would have to pay a small fee for filing. Not a huge deal for those who want that extra time!

That's awesome about the MW and appts - much easier for you guys!!
good luck with the insurance and all that - did you get a chance to call them about it last week? Squeaky wheel and all that!

If the state allows for longer, is it the hospital themselves requiring baby's name? Why would they have different rules from the state?
Each state is different here. In Nevada, I believe you had to file the birth certificate within 10 days. You can file with "Baby Girl", but then you have to go through the hassle of paying a fee and changing the name. I had a friend when we lived in Illinois who still didn't have a name for her 6 month old when we moved away. They had been trying out all different names with him. I'm not sure what they ended up naming him.

That's sad about the Inuit babies not living that long.

I did call the Billing company (who is dealing with the insurance), and the woman working on my account was in software upgrade training all week. I'm calling first thing Tuesday and if I don't get anywhere, I'm going to call the insurance directly and see if they can somehow help me.

I think the hospital just wants to get the birth certificate filed and be done with it instead of waiting for someone to come back with the name. I didn't realize it with our first daughter, otherwise we would have left without naming her.
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