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Bean #2's *almost* all mama made stash SUPER crazy pic heavy

And almost done ...

Fitteds - 18 mama made, 3 velour T&T NB by little fancy pants (bottom right)

Mama made fitteds have 2 inserts, one removable with fold down rise, no umbilical snap, but a friend used a set i made and they fit well below the cord. Best guess is they would fit as small as 5ish lbs (fit well on DD's cabbage patch )

Pockets - nb/sm size. Hoping these will fit at birth, but not sure. 18 total (black, brown, red, yellow and wild child - animals are apple cheeks). Currently stuffed with infant prefolds, but likely way overkill on absorbancy and bulky, not sure what the final choice in these will be.

Nb/small covers

Haven't decided on velcro or snaps for blue yet. Also have 2 thirsties size 1 and one blueberry mini. Will likely make 3-4 more of these

Also have 18 flats, 6 osycozy perfect fit prefolds and a ton of bamboo and hemp inserts for pad folding and stuffing.

Longies and clothes - NB size (sewn and knit by me, except the one gerber shirt that i added sleeves to)

Meadowlark cw (by nurturing threads)

Ashby cw by Julibeans (will have hat and mittens and prob be coming home outfit)

I have a cw that matches this - blue steele by Julibeans

Have brown alpaca longies half done to make these a set.

Gowns ... Carebears was an old shirt

Breast pads, receiving blankets, wipes, "babylegs"

Whew! I have 3 more pockets palanned (waiting for pul to arrive) and think i NEED to call it quits. Lol. I'm afraid soon i'll have more than i'll ever use
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