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Re: Thinking about training pants... Help?

We used gerbers. I didn't use the waterproof ones, and I sewed in some extra hemp/cotton for some absorbancy. We also tried Bright bots but I didn't like those for us. I liked some EC pants I had but the lady doesn't make them anymore. I would try other EC pants as those were our fav. but pricier. We had some waterprood ones and some not. Both were nice, but I found we needed to be coverless or use wool due to infection issues - fleece and PUL created too much heat rash, etc. I also used the smallest undies I could find in the store and shrunk them as best as I could in boiling water, etc.... then sewed some hemp/cotton inside. These were our other favs as they were cheap, had Loads of elastic in the waist and held most stuff inside. With that said we often went without pants or used homemade fleece split crotch pants under the undies.
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