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Re: THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!

My second ds wet through every sposie I tried within an hour. I was so tired of changing his clothes and bedding several times per day, and night. I remembered seeing a cloth diaper ad in a magazine, so I got online and found ME. Our first cloth was a small Sandys and a windpro pull-on. That combined with a good doubler lasted all night through a couple of feedings with no changing sheets in the middle of the night. We left sposies behind for good and had a whole stash of Sandys and Airflows.....never leaked. I grew to prefer the OS after he outgrew the small Sandys and used both for my next baby.

I wish I had known about Sandys with my oldest. He was in sposies because I didn't know any better. He had daily blowouts where I had to bathe him and scrub the carpet. I thought it was just something you had to deal with, but I have no doubts that a Sandys and airflow would have held it in.

When one ds was 5, he had a bad tummy bug and wasn't making it to the potty before poo ran down his leg. I talked him into wearing a OS, and while it fit like bikini underwear, it held in the mess.

We are TTC, and I already have some Sandys, Airflows, and OS in hopes of a new blessing.

ETA: I have some Peachy Green Switcheroos size 0 that fit over the xs Sandys when I tried them on a stuffed bear. Not sure how the other sizes would work, but worth a try if you want some variety.
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