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Re: 4month boy night time peeing issues

One positive note - my child NEVER wet the bed as a toddler, 4 yr old, etc. So if you can keep up the nighttime pottying, it will pay off, in my opinion. I never had to buy expensive trainers for a 2-6 yr old like many moms of boys. He was able to go on his own or hold it. Yes I know MANY kids who are 6 who use 2 pairs of disposable nighttime pants at night. They are fine during the day but can't hold it at night. BUT if you don't do it every night don't panic, rest is important for parents too. And then of course, when they get older they may refuse to potty during the day except in a diaper, lol... but those phases don't last forever either. You will end up being able to read your child better, have a child who can "pee" in a cup if ever needed for medica
l reasons, who is more independant, and you will save money to boot
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