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Re: Help ECing a baby girl

well, it could be a phase, an independance thing, who knows for sure. I had a child about 4 months older do that, but he was EC'd from birth full time... It drove me nuts. It was clear he wanted to go potty, yet he didn't until I put a diaper on. BUT yours sounds like it may ust take time to make a connection.

You could try a different potty, a fleece cover over the potty seat (maybe it's too cold?) a different potty location, or holding her over the potty as different positions (like feet up) can help some kids relax better and let stuff slide out. It could be she just can't relax enough and is trying very hard that's why I said if there's anything you can do to help her relax like a cozy potty, reading a book, who knows, it May help. I am not expert and it's been years since I have EC'd but I did have a child do this, and in time it all worked out.
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