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IMHO - Routine infant circumcision mostly benefits the doc who performs it - $$$$

I'm a nurse practitioner, so is my husband. For years I worked primarily in pediatrics. UTI's aren't that common in little boys, circ-ed or not. IMO, any minuscule reduction in UTI rate isn't worth the risk of performing unnecessary surgery on a newborn. I'm holding my intact, 7 week old son right now. He was born perfect, why mess with a good thing.

BTW, my husband is circ-ed, but because he took care of 100's of newborn boys post-circ, when he worked on the postpartum floor, he did not want our son circ-ed. The post-surgery care can be painful and can actually hinder breastfeeding success. Caring for a newborn is hard enough, why throw circ care and post-surgical pain in there too?
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