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Re: Is this punishment enough?

The school has a consequence for forgetfulness - the loss of the points. OP on the other hand is punishing the lying and forgery. I would NEVER teach my child that it is okay to forge my name. If the mistake and forgetfulness was my fault, then I would email the teacher and explain what happened - not have a 9 year old forge my name.

OP, writing lines is not a punishment we have used, but I don't find it or losing a sleepover to be harsh. Lying and forgery are serious crimes in my home and would warrant a serious consequence on par with what you have given.

We are currently having issues at my children's school because some parents are unhappy with the strict consequences being met out on the students. IMO life is not going to go easy on them or going to coddle them. I believe we do a disservice to our children when we mediate the consequences and allow them to get away with doing things wrong. Teach them while they are young to take ownership of their actions and to never take the credit or blame for something they didn't do. Setting expectations low will never help them, nor will rescuing them from responsibility. Set the bar high and keep it there. They may not always reach it. But, I guarantee they will reach higher than if we set it low and help them over it.

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