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Re: Is this punishment enough?

My child would have lost the sleepover for signing my name. I would also ask that he lose next weeks binder reward for cheating to get the last one. I would not have him write out sentences just because I don't think they would be an effective tool for my boy.

I remember writing sentences in school. I don't remember why I ever had to write them but I remember how I did it; I'd write the first word x number of times then the next word, then the next. It wasn't really a deterrent.

ETA: It's hard to say if it was "enough" punishment or "too harsh" because I don't know your child. If you feel like he gets why he was punished and will learn from it then it was enough. If he continues to make the same mistakes I might then consider other techniques. I can always tell if I've gone/am going too far as my kids eyes will glass over. I can then tell I've used too many words or have piled on too much, and whatever I'm trying to convey would potential get lost on them.
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