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Re: Night diaper for otherwise PT'd 3 year old

Originally Posted by Layney82 View Post
I tried that last night, but gave up when he was limp like spaghetti. I tried to wake him up around 1:00 and he just mumbled 'no pee' and rolled over. How do you get him to actually pee while on the toilet asleep. DS is only 34lbs right now, so it's probably manageable if I can make him pee. Of course, he woke up around six completely soaked.
My DS is limp like spaghetti too, but heavy spaghetti. Lol. It's not easy to lift him out of bed, but we do it. We support his torso while he sits. He somehow pees even though he is asleep. Sometimes it takes a few minutes and we say "pshhh...." like a peeing sound. Maybe it's the cold toilet seat or the position on the toilet but he somehow knows to pee (most of the time; sometimes it takes a while). He remembers nothing the next day! It may be easier at 10:30ish pm than 1 am since you are more awake and he may be in a different sleep phase than he is in the middle of the night. I find that my kids can be taken to pee without waking (DS) or fully waking (DD) and transition right back into bed most easily between 10 and 11 pm.
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