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Originally Posted by Rdesonia
Well I have yet again failed at weaning.
She has a cold that has got progressively worse. Yesterday she wouldn't drink from a sippy, open cup or a bottle (Basically DH tried everything) Her nose was stuffed up. He would syringe it but that made her cry and her nose got worse. We did the humidifier and lots of stuff. She drank about 12 ozs all day. She just cried till about 1 in the morning off and on. Waking up every 15 minutes, even though she had a pillow in her bed sitting her up. We just put her in our bed and she slept pretty good!
Dh & decided to just breast feed her as she was miserable. I syringed her. We sat under the a makeshift tent with the humidifier and breast fed her. She drank and drank her nose cleaned out... drank and drank... till she finally passed out.
We just decided that it was best not to try to wean her while she was sick because she is so stuffed up she was refusing liquids.

I'm secretly hoping the whole engorged and not breastfeeding thing at the very least reduced my supply. She has not yet breastfed today (it's 1 pm). I haven't offered and she hasn't asked. I'm going to try to keep the nursing to a minimuim and try again in a few weeks. (Hopefully she won't have a cold!)
You're doing great, mama! It's so hard when littles are sick. I think you're smart to take a break and wean when she's feeling better. Who knows, maybe it will go easier the next time since she's had a bit of a break.

Just curious why you're concerned about the amount of liquids she's drinking? She's eating lots of solids, right? I really don't keep track of how much my kids are drinking, just give them access to a sippy cup of water whenever they want it. They maybe drink 12 oz in a day? Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don't want you to be concerned about it if you don't need to be.
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