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Re: Increasing milk production

Barring a physical issue such as PCOS or Sheehan's Syndrome, the first and most important thing a mom can do to up her supply is offer the breast with enough frequency. There is no supplement or medication that can make up for the frequency issue. So if Baby is nursing 12-24 times in a day, that should be good if baby's latch is working well. Other impediments can be the use of a pacifier which satisfies some of Baby's sucking needs but doesn't stimulate Mom's body to produce milk. Babies can choose to pull out milk if hungry or suck non-nutritively, where they just suck to satisfy, but it still helps Mom's body.

So if all that is happening and there still isn't enough milk, you can try things like oatmeal, fenugreek, and even moving to domperidone if needed.

Hope it works for you this time! Keep trouble-shooting!
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