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Re: Is this punishment enough?

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
I was pointing out its a lousy analogy. I've never met someone who has never forgotten a thing. And if you do, sometimes there is a consequence, sometimes there isn't. Being super harsh isn't any more right than not, it's all about how you decide to parent.
He wasn't being punished for forgetting anything, losing the points at school is the consequence of that. And to give him permission to forge the signature when he forgets to bring his planner home teaches him to lie to his teacher. How is that ok? He is already having trouble with being honest. He was being punished for his dishonesty and forging his mother's signature without her knowledge or consent. He knew what he was doing and needs to know it's not ok. It sounds like the OP has spoken to him about it and had to correct this behavior before. When do you draw the line if not when it has become a problem? He's not only lying to his mother, but now to his teacher.
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