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Re: need some encouragement please. :(

Originally Posted by eljube112 View Post
this all sounds too familiar!

a bit of an update, ds2 (3.5, and who is doing terrible at pl'ing during the day) has decided all on his own that he doesn't want a night diaper and is staying dry!! we wake them both at about 11 when we go to bed to pee. DD has often already peed her bed by that point, ds has not and will pee on the potty.

DD is however, pooping on the potty within 15 minutes of getting into bed at night. She is able to get out of bed and do her business without making a mess!! So while she is peeing the bed every night, sometimes multiple times in a night, she is doing better with her pooping, which was proving to be a stumbling block for her up til now.

I'm tempted to put a diaper back on dd after she falls asleep. Bad idea?
YAY! So glad things got better for you It took my DS2 about three weeks to get used to night training and we wake him twice. No one can say for sure how long it will take your LO to get into the rhythm of it. We started with 10pm and 2am for night wakings and have gradually switched it to 10:30 and 3:00. We're trying to get it down to one wake up, but that may take awhile I'm still night nursing DS3 so sometimes it works out that after I nurse I can take DS2 potty. Anyway, I wouldn't go back to diapers since you've already removed them. I know it's a pain to clean up, but it will get better! Maybe you can lay down a chux pad or a sleeping pad that is heavy enough to stay put in the spot that she sleeps in. No guarantees that it will catch the pee every time, but at least it will relieve you of some laundry.
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