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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Well this is just depressing. I candled again tonight because there were a few I just wasn't sure about and sure enough I had to toss 3 more eggs. So I have 8 left from the original 28 I put in there. All 3 looked like early quitters. What I have left -

2 lavender Am's, 1 wheaten Am, 1 grey silkie and 4 mottled Am's. FX they all make it to hatch day, and hatch out without issue. Also hoping I don't get so many boys this time. I'm so bummed!

The friend that I was going to order turkeys with backed out, so I ordered some turkey hatching eggs to arrive in March. Heritage Oregon greys. Depending on how many hens I get from this clutch I might set a few more eggs with the turkeys.
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