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Originally Posted by pgkcb13
Okay, this is going to sound harsh but... Your kids seem to be awfully picky eaters. There is really very little I can put in front of my kids that they won't eat. Are you or your DH picky eaters? That can make a big difference... Even if you think you're hiding it from them, they'll figure you out (just ask my DH, lol). Also they recommend serving something at least ten times -prepared the exact same way- to a child before deciding they really won't eat it... My example of this is my oldest and beets. She wouldn't eat them, just picked around them, but we just kept putting a few on her plate. Finally one day (maybe the 8th time we had the same meal) she picked one up and took a bite. Now she'll eat all the beets off her plate and mine as well if I let her! I've even caught her conning her sister out of her beets.

I'm not trying to be judgmental, maybe you've tried that. I just noticed that your posts list a lot of foods your kids refuse to eat and you seem to be pulling your hair out trying to feed them. I also see a lot of moms jumping through all sorts of hoops trying to find foods their kids will eat (because we all want the best for our kids) when sometimes you just have to feed them the same beets 8 times... does that make sense?

Now, to more directly answer your question We go through a lot of tortilla chips, lol. Chips, veggies, and hummus. Chips and beans and veggies. Chips with salmon salad (like tuna salad but with canned salmon- this is another one we had to serve a few times for the kids to get used to it... now we have to make double batches, lol). We do sometimes do sandwiches, but not often. Another easy lunch is rice and beans. You can cook it up ahead of time and reheat for lunches. Or rice with veggies, fried rice, etc. Smoothies can be lunch too (heck, we had smoothies for dinner tonight )
My three year old has PDD (mild end of the autism spectrum, to put it basically), and part of that is major food aversions. She was 11 months before I could get baby food in her, and 15 months when she started liking it. It took therapy to get her to eat anything other than baby food and fruit at 23 months.

Before I had her, I was a firm believer in getting my kids to try things, and if my kids did not want what I served, they were welcome to go hungry (which almost never happened). This just does not work with her. We still offer new things, but I try to limit that to 1-2 times a week, because most days she eats so little I need to be giving options that she likes. Pediasure is still more than half her daily calories on most days.

As for plain meat and soup, I have tried many, many times to get my kids to like it, and they physically gag on it. I have one thing I won't eat, which is mushrooms, and I would never, ever expect them to eat something I refuse. My big kids actually like them, though, thanks to DH. DH will eat anything but peanuts, which he is allergic to.

I should also mention DS is going through a "I don't like anything" phase. Honestly, I don't really care, I make him deal with it most of the time, but he's stubborn and will chose not to eat, and I don't like having a grumpy child because he has low blood sugar more than half the day. It's one of those areas I have to pick my battles, you know? I do make him eat whatever I chose for dinner, though. I don't really mind not making soup, it's not my favorite, although I will eat it. And with the meat in things, sometimes it's eaten, sometimes it's not, but they at least pick around it, and that's fine by me.

I guess I'm mostly looking for more lunch ideas that they WILL like without a lot of hassle, as I live a very full life, and arguing with my kiddos over lunch is not what I want to spend time doing. We all love hummus, and tortilla chips. We made roasted bell peppers with cream cheese today and that was a hit (although 3 year old DD totally licked the cream cheese out ).

ETA: my eight year old will eat anything. She used to hate meat, and it would have taken cramming it down her throat to get it in her, but she loves it now. She will politely verbalize that soup is not her favorite then eat it, and she also loves rice. The four year old is the one going through the "I don't like anything" stage, although I can get him to eat just about anything by adding cheese or sauce to it. He will chose to go hungry if I make soup, though. Due to us only recently starting to eat a lot of rice, he's just now getting used to it, but it has to have other food (like pepper steak) mixed in.

It is really my little girls that have the food issues. I explained my three year old, and the almost two year old is just kind of young to really reason with. She'd live of cheese, haha.

I don't really feel like there is a big list of nos in our house-soup and plain meat. We are working on rice. I think the fact that my kids ask for things like carrots and apples over cookies is bigger than them just not liking a couple things. Also, when a child can verbalize "I don't like meat, it is too chewy and makes me choke when I swallow", it's not just typical child pickiness, I think it is a legitimate thing.

This is way longer than I meant it to be. I'm just trying to explain that I agree with where you are coming from, but it's just not that clear cut for us.
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