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Postpartum closet try-on after second child

What was your experience in fitting back into your work wardrobe after your second child, if you lost all the weight?
I am afraid I may be getting way too hopeful, because today was the first day I fit back into a pair of pre-prego jeans. With my first child, I also lost all the weight, but my whole body shape changed and I ended up having to purchase a whole new work wardrobe anyways. Not to mention all new shoes too...because my feet grew a whole size! That was an EXPENSIVE process that I am hoping to avoid again. FWIW, I am almost 10 weeks postpartum and will be returning to work on the 25th - business dress. So I have to do the big try-on this week, and I am afraid I am getting too hopeful (because of my jeans success today) that the 5-6 suits I purchased right before I got pregnant with DS2 will fit. Losing that investment would make me So I am interested to know what other's experience was after subsequent children - was it another drastic change in shape like with your first, or were you just about the same?

I am so dreading this and have been avoiding it for weeks.
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