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Re: My dog is disgusting


DOGS R DISGUSTING!!! (i have 2!)

i just 'caught' my dog sneakn licks off DS's poopy diaper the other day!! omg!! nasty!!!

he hasnt gotten so sneaky to run off with them he just sat there and ever so sneakilly was licking DS diaper while i was finishing up the change...
i dont have a kitty litter box (im unfortunately allergic to cats )
but im sure if i did that thing would get raded too, PUKE PUKE PUKE!!!!

idk..DS is sorta i the peanut buttery poop stage...mostly b****** but does eat and is eating more..i guess i 'sorta get it because dogs like STINKY things, for some awful my crazy opinion though i 'prefer/like' (well not sure like it the correct term) nb bf poop though..smell...maybe NOT..i guess definitely just PREFER it to BIG TODDLER stinky turds LOL
hopefully that doesnt make me sound like a complete NUT!

i at least hope ur dog didnt start munching the actual diapers... could u imagine the FSOT description for that diaper??!!! LOL
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