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Re: My dog is disgusting

Originally Posted by mrspopo View Post
Is there any good reason why my dog sneaks off with poopy diapers and licks them clean? You'd think we weren't feeding her or something, but she acts like it's a delicacy. I swear I can see her salivating when the diaper sprayer comes out.

Anyone else deal with this? Anyone else as incredibly disgusted by this as I am? And why on earth would this be appealing? The litter box also gets raided if it isn't blocked off properly. Yuck!
I just posted a similar thread about my DISGUSTING beagle. It is truly gag-worthy. I often wonder what he is thinking when he goes in for the kill. Hopefully your dog doesn't go on a rampage and start eating other things like mine has been doing But poopy diapers and cat box is the worst! It's almost like he thinks "oh mom isn't looking, snack time!"
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