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Re: Gluten free lunches

I'd come at the situation from the opposite direction. Make a comprehensive list of all the things the family will eat (meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc. detailed: apples, oranges, etc rather than just 'fruit'). Once that is compiled you can work on combinations of foods that are pleasing together, would make a great lunch (or any other meal of the day), and are an affordable option. Some suggestions are plenty of proteins in the form of eggs, beans, cheeses, meat, fish, and nuts supplemented with plenty of less expensive veggies (and if you've followed the grocery threads lately we are all in agreement that fresh produce is skyrocketing) perhaps frozen rather that fresh and with just a serving a fruit for "dessert". So for a small child 1/2 an apple sliced with peanut butter or dip on the side rather than a whole apple. The proteins (and make sure you have plenty of healthy fats in there too evoo, coconut, butter) will help fill them up and keep them full since the fruits and veggies digest much faster leaving them hungry again before the next meal.
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