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Re: Bedwetting EVERY night at 7 years old

Originally Posted by apboyles View Post
My son is only 2.5 but I always stop liquids about two hours before bedtime (he does get one last sip/drink before bed) and we always take him to the potty right before laying down so we know he is on empty. I think that some consistency would really help you guys.
I think a 2.5 yr old night training is a lot different than a 7+ yr old who isn't able to stay dry for nights. It may require a lot more than just no drinks after 5pm and go pee before bed.

DS1 has troubles with bed wetting sometimes. It does seem to be getting fewer and farther between but we definitely notice it if he sneaks a bunch to drink after suppertime (especially if it's juice or milk, for some reason?), if he doesn't pee right before getting in bed, or if he's just had a busy day and sleeps really deeply that night.
I also notice that he'll have more bad nights leading up to/during growth spurts - maybe deeper sleeping then too?

DH and I have thought about going to the Dr about it, but because reminding him of these things helps, and because it isn't every night (for example, it has been weeks since the last wet night, but that few weeks ago we had 3-4 nights in a row), we haven't done anything more than reminding him.

I would see if doing anything (like the bribing, paying him for dry nights) helps. If it doesn't, check things out with your Dr and go from there.
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