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Originally Posted by vatblack View Post
Okay, may I be the wet blanket here: Not all camel toe is due to ill fitting clothes though. Some people just can't wear anything without it happening to them - gym type clothes I mean. Not jeans and such. Bathing suits are really bad for this sort of thing.

I just have to wonder though, why is the design on it penal-like?

Now my last question: Is this real or a spoof?
I have to say I am shocked that there is a camel toe situation not fixed by not going up a size. I have had them in the clothes you mentioned and going up a size fixed the issue everytime.
It may need to be bigger in waist then liked but if your(general ) different shaped you have that. I am bigger through hips because of my belly so I always have to wear belts or tie stuff. I could go down a size and have a nice camel toe and muffin top. Could spanx that I bet though.

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