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Re: Washer and Dryer questions

Originally Posted by delladea View Post
I love my Samsung HE front loader! It has a lot of presets, however you can adjust water temp, soil level, pre-wash and spin speed on each preset (soil level lengthens or shortens wash time). One thing I have noticed is it will not get diapers very clean unless I have a sizable load to wash, so if I don't have a lot of diapers I'll throw in a couple of towels with the load so everything gets properly agitated.

However the dryer that came with it was another story! Beware buying a Samsung dryer that is just a couple years old. There was a design change sometime during the course of manufacture for our particular dryer to fix a problem with lint not being caught by the lint filter. We have a screen over our dryer vent to keep critters out, and within five loads being dried the screen would be CAKED with lint. We never got Samsung to admit it was a design flaw, however to their credit they did admit that our particular dryer was not catching lint and gave us a factory refund to buy another dryer. (this was after two different technicians came out to our house to look at it and my husband spending a cumulative 20 hours or so on the phone with their customer support...) We ended up with a new-used Kenmore dryer with no frills that works just fine.

The new Samsung dryers seem to have this flaw corrected, because my parents bought one after we bought ours and it has a completely different lint trap. They haven't had a single problem with theirs.
What model washer do you have , like is there a certain name to it like Samsung 5070 Thank you)

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