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Re: Bedwetting EVERY night at 7 years old

Originally Posted by weesej View Post
My almost 12 year old is an almost nightly wetter too. She hates it and nothing we have tried has helped...alarm, bribery, medication to change her sleep cycle. No one has ever said we should see a pediatric urologist for an exam I'm wondering if we need to set up an appt.
You say you have tried a medication to change her sleep pattern, there is one that supposedly helps with the bladder muscle (or so I have been told). Have you tried that or has it been suggested. I know most doctors will not suggest medication until after 8 because bed wetting is normal until 8 or after but now that your dd is hitting puberty it might be time to consider looking into since she hasn't out grown it yet. If it is just a matter of her bladder not maturing the meds might help, if it is a sleep problem perhaps the doctor could send her for a sleep study?

My youngest is a bed wetter and just in the past month or so has managed to start having dry nights. I think he may finally be out growing it. Dh wet the bed until he was 8 or so but even into his early teens would occasionally sleep so heavily that he would wet the bed (it was super rare by then though). I know sleep training/night training can work for some kids and medications can work for some who have gotten older and are very stressed by still needing to wear diapers for bed but I think in many cases all you can do is wait it out.
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