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Re: Gluten free lunches

I have a picky child too, she's 4. She also refused solids for a long time as an infant, after being checked out by doctors, we were basically told to give her more time. She still doesn't like certain textures of food and I don't make her eat what is served, or make her go hungry either. I can usually slightly alter a meal to make it more appetizing for her. She likes cheese tacos, but not meat tacos. Plain noodles with butter, veggies and parmesean rather then speghetti. The child loves her veggies, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese etc, just meat isn't her favorite, her doctor assures me that she's still eating healthy, so I too, don't sweat the small stuff, maybe she'll grow up to be vegetarian, maybed she'll eventually learn to like meat. She loves steak, anyways LOL we arent gluten free, but would they eat tuna and maybe gf crackers?
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